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Your organization’s brain capital is your most important asset in these stressful and uncertain times. A happy and resilient workforce is a high-performing and productive workforce, and can directly impact your company’s bottom line.

    Brain capital is the stock of:

    • Your employees’ abilities to create new products and services,
    • Perform their work efficiently and without error,
    • Navigate complexity,
    • Collaborate with colleagues and partners,
    • And deliver the best service to your clients. 

    Brain capital is the quantification of brain performance of a company.

      Problems with Growing

      Brain Capital

      • Lack of tools to measure brain performance
      • Mental health stigma
      • Lack of awareness about brain function
      • Addressing employee problems after they have reached crisis mode
      • Fragmented assistance for employee brain health

        The Solution

        To deliver a complete brain capital solution for organisations, Neurowyzr’s Attayn for Corporate comprises four program areas.

        Employees can undertake self-care learning journeys where they can improve personal and professional skills. This will help them become happier and more productive workers. Example of learning journeys include:

        • Attention & Focus
        • Stress Management
        • Communication at Work & many more

        Neurowyzr also organises a calendar of talks and activities to raise awareness about peak brain performance. Topics can be customised for the organisation to help raise awareness and decrease the stigma around personal problems, and build a supportive culture where employees can seek help.

        Neurowyzr’s Attayn Assessment employs gamification of deep neuroscience tests to deliver objective, holistic and proactive insights to employees and organisations to measure functions of the brain. They can be used for employee engagement, as a pulse check on the organisation, and as a way to create personal development plans for individuals.

        • 15-20 mins of short digital puzzles
        • Tests one’s cognition, mental state, EQ and self-governance
        • Individual employees can work on individual growth plans using resources in the company
        • The organisation receives a report with anonymized aggregated data that can be used to design future training, employee support programs, and/or company-wide campaigns.

        Neurowyzr provides training to enable employees to apply neuroscience principles in their work. Delivered by specialists in their field, our courses focus on real-world and practical skills. We offer courses for different roles and levels, including:

        • For executive and senior leadership: Neuroscience of Leadership Course
        • For middle-level management: Mental Health Ambassador Course
        • For individuals: Para Counselling Course

        We are also able to customise courses to suit different organisational needs.

        We offer employees access to qualified professional help across multiple fields, such as:

        • Brain-based Coaching
        • Financial Consulting
        • Family and Relationship Consulting
        • Counsellors and Clinical Psychologists
        • Allied Health Professionals
        • Primary Care Professionals
        • Specialists

        To ensure that solutions bring long term outcomes, our choice of partners is driven by quality, and cover a wide spectrum of employee needs and preference.


        Neurowyzr’s Attayn for Corporate has brought together a complete solution to cover the cognitive, mental and physical health of employees. It can bring the following benefits:

        For Employees


        • Increased Performance at work and at home
        • Improved relationships
        • Increased happiness
        • Improvement in ability to manage adversities

        For Employers


        • Decreased presenteeism and absenteeism
        • Improved retention rate
        • Increased productivity
        • Objective ROI analysis on employee training and wellness benefits

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