• Patients in Singapore are the first in the APAC region to access rapid, fully digitised, cost-effective brain health cognitive assessments

Singapore, May 19, 2022 – Neurowyzr, the Singapore Brain Capital company with a vision to optimize population and corporate brain health and performance using neuroscience-based digital solutions, announces a partnership with Parkway Shenton to provide its patients with digital brain health screening and monitoring tools. Parkway Shenton is the first primary healthcare provider in the Asia Pacific to provide digital brain screening and monitoring using Neurowyzr’s proprietary Digital Brain Function Scan. This has the potential to enable earlier recognition of brain health problems that affect millions of people in the Asia Pacific. Early recognition can prevent and reduce the disability of brain health problems that are associated with cognitive decline, stroke, Long Covid brain damage, Parkinson’s disease and dementia.

For the first time, Singaporeans and residents have access to a digital neuroscience tool through a primary care provider that enables early detection of cognitive decline. Quick, affordable and available through an online portal after being prescribed by a physician,  people no longer need to spend thousands of dollars and several days visiting a specialist clinic to understand the health of their brain.

The World Health Organisation and leading clinical neuroscientists recommend brain cognitive screening for all adults as part of routine healthcare screening. Neuroscience studies show that from the age of 30, nearly 10% of people already begin to experience a brain health problem called Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI). The proportion increases to 25% among people aged 50, and 40% at 60 years1. People that are at higher risk of brain health problems such as MCI include those with undetected and untreated or poorly- controlled chronic Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, high cholesterol, and high lipids. It also includes those who appear healthy but have early liver, kidney, lung and heart failure or dysfunction. This is a major reason to include digital brain health screening as a component of general health screening. It allows users to have a comprehensive picture of their brain and body health, and enables personalised recommendations to be made.

With Neurowyzr’s medical-grade Digital Brain Function Scan that is registered with the Singapore Health Services Authority, patients use any connected device (such as a mobile phone, iPad, laptop or PC) and a browser to complete an assessment within minutes. They receive a report upon completion that the prescribing physician will discuss with their patient in-depth. The ease of the tool significantly reduces the time and dollar burden of traditional cognitive testing that is done in-person with pen and paper that can cost up to several thousand dollars and many hours of physician and patient time.

The Digital Brain Function Scan allows populations to be proactive and preventative when it comes to maintaining the health of their brains. It aims to enable early intervention for brain conditions before severe and irreversible problems arise.

Dr Edwin Chng, Medical Director, Parkway Shenton, commented, “We are constantly expanding our service offerings to patients and leveraging new technologies to bring greater convenience and quality of care to the community. This partnership with Neurowyzr gives Parkway Shenton the unique capability to promote brain health and help our patients play an active role in identifying and preventing problems with cognition.”

Pang Sze Yunn, CEO, Neurowyzr, commented, “Our partnership with Parkway Shenton is an important step in the right direction of recognizing and preventing early cognitive decline. The sooner healthcare providers can intervene when cognitive issues arise, the better the outcomes are for the population. With the increasing medical, social and economic burden of chronic Non-Communicable Diseases, governments and organisations should be paying closer attention to the brain health of citizens and employees. We are excited to work with a new partner who recognises this, and look forward to signing with other likeminded organisations in the months ahead.”

1 Eric Braverman, M.D., Cognitive Decline of Aging: Important Neuroendocrinological Predictors of Early Cognitive Decline in A Clinical Setting


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