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Cognitive decline

starts as early as 30 years old.


1 in 9 aged 40 years & above

suffers from early brain decline.


Early Brain Decline

leads to issues like stroke, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and more.

Detect Early Brain Decline
With our brain health measurement tools

The brain is the command centre of the body.
Your personal brain capital determines your
ability to think, feel and act. Yet, have you ever
checked on your brain’s health and performance?

Brain Health


We, at Neurowyzr (pronounced as “neuro-wiser”), protect quality of life and optimise personal potential by enabling early detection, diagnosis, therapy, monitoring and prevention of brain decline

of a Healthy Brain

Work Better

Solve complex problems with greater mental agility and collaborate better.

Feel Better

Maintain a healthy body and mind to face challenges.

Learn Better

Improve brain performance and stay highly motivated to learn.

Age Better

Detect brain health issues early and preserve your quality of life.

Early Adopters

First visionary organisations to see the importance of brain capital

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