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When we think about health, we think of taking care of our bodies, but we forget to take care of the organ that controls our body: the brain. The brain is our most valuable asset, controlling all aspects of independent living, but we take its health for granted.

What is Cognitive Decline?

Cognitive decline refers to the reduction in mental processing over time. In simple terms, as you age, your brain function will ‘slow down’. For example, an older person may not be able to learn as fast or remember as well as a younger person. For most people, such a decline is normal.

However, for some, the rate of decline is greater and will lead to more severe problems, for example: Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease and stroke.

Early cognitive decline can start in your 30s, without you being aware, and can take up to 20 years – 40 years before symptoms of severe cognitive impairment start to show. Prevention, early detection and intervention is paramount. It is therefore vital that you take charge of your brain health.

What is the Digital Brain Function Screen (DBFS)?

The Digital Brain Function Screen is a medical-grade assessment that tests for early brain decline. The test assesses the following functions of the brain:

Immediate Memory

Allows you to work with information without losing track of what you’re doing

Working Memory

Allows you to collect, process, store and recall information from your environment 


Allows you to actively process information around you while tuning out other details

Executive Function

Allows you to plan, monitor, and execute your goals, be it  simple or complex ones

The assessment consists of a series of mini neuroscience games. It can be completed in 15-20 mins using a web browser, in the comfort of your own home or the clinic. After the test, a clinician will go through your results during a consultation.

DBFS is a Class A Medical Device in Singapore, Class II 510k (Exempt) Computerized Cognitive Assessment Aid (Exempt) in the United States, and Class I (Exempt) Clinical Decision Support Software (Exempt) in Australia.

Disclaimer: Neurowyzr DBFS is a computerised cognitive screening tool. This tool is not intended to provide a medical diagnosis and should not be relied upon to diagnose any specific disease or condition. It is an aid in the diagnosis of cognitive impairment, it is not a stand-alone diagnostic device, and should be confirmed by other testing and other healthcare information. Nothing in the DBFS Report, overall score and subdomain scores should be considered or used as a substitute for medical advice or diagnosis of any disease or condition by a qualified health provider. Please use Neurowyzr DBFS Assessment with the intended use population and in the intended use environment.


Images shows a family of 4 with 2 adult children and an elder couple.

Who should take the DBFS?

You are highly encouraged to take the test especially if you have any of the following background/s:

  • Family history of brain-related disease (e.g. Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson etc)
  • Currently have a chronic disease such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol etc.)
  • Have had Covid-19
  • Feel that you have been more forgetful or experiencing any brain fog
  • Older than 30 years old

The test results will tell if you are healthy or if you have early brain decline.

What if I’m healthy?

You should start protecting the health of your brain by getting tested when you are healthy. Just as you would normally go for health screening while you are healthy, you should go for a brain health screening when your brain is functioning well. The first test result will be compared against your future test results to track your brain health.

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Images shows a family of 4 with 2 adult children and an elder couple.

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