Digital Brain Function Screen

When we think about health, we think of taking care of our bodies, but we forget to take care of the organ that controls our body: the brain. The brain is our most valuable asset, controlling all aspects of independent living, but we take its health for granted.

When was the last time you went for a checkup on your brain?

The Brain’s Function

The brain is responsible for the functioning of your entire human body, such as cognition, emotion and memory. We rely on it for just about everything we do.

As you read this article, different cognitive abilities such as attention, memory and language processing abilities are being used. Where would we be without our intelligence, imagination and creativity? We would not be able to be independent without our memory, and able to think clearly and rationally. All this is governed by our cognition.

What Is Cognitive Decline?

The brain is vulnerable to persistent negative emotional states; stress, anxiety and depression (SAD). Aging, together with physical diseases such as diabetes and hypertension all can negatively impact cognition.

Cognitive decline can affect your performance at work, your interpersonal relationships, and your social interactions. Stresses at home, and at work, may also affect your Cognition, Emotion and Memory.

Early cognitive decline can start in your 30s, without you being aware, and can take up to 20 years – 40 years before symptoms of severe cognitive impairment start to show. Prevention, early detection and intervention is paramount. It is therefore vital that you take charge of your brain health.

Images shows a family of 4 with 2 adult children and an elder couple.

Who should take the DBFS?

You should take the DBFS if you have the following background:

  • If you have a family history of brain-related disease (e.g. Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson etc).
  • If you currently have a chronic disease such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, liver or kidney disease. This has a direct impact on the health of your brain.

  • If you have had Covid-19. Long Covid has been shown to impact the brain health of up to 70% of people.
  • If you feel that you have been more forgetful over the last few months or are experiencing any brain fog.
  • If you are 30 years old and older, you should start protecting the health of your brain-health by getting a baseline when you are healthy. The WHO recommends that everyone over 30 years old should do a brain function test yearly as part of their general health check.

What is the DBFS?

The Digital Brain Function Screen (DBFS) by Neurowyzr comprises a series of neuroscience games that can be completed in 15-20 mins online. It is a medical grade tool that can be done online in a web browser, even from your own home! DBFS is registered with the Singapore Health Science Authorities, and assesses the following functions of the brain:


DBFS is accompanied by a consultation with Neurowyzr’s panel of doctors. The report for the assessment is automatically generated and delivered your assigned doctor, who will discuss your brain health results and recommend any necessary follow up actions.

We highly recommend everyone to take a brain test today! Your very first report will serve as a personal baseline, so that any future abnormal declines can be flagged.

1) Take the test: It can be done at your convenience in the comfort of your home or at your desk.</p>
<p>2) Discuss with your clinical psychologist / doctor: Your test results come with easy-to-read data and insights into each cognitive domain. It even provides lifestyle tips to protect your brain health. Discuss your results and next steps with your clinical psychologist / doctor.</p>
<p>3) Track your changes: Taken as a part of your annual health screening, the DBFS tracks changes in your brain function over time, giving you and your clinical psychologist / doctor the ability to make lifestyle changes and/or intervene before any decline becomes more serious.

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