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We understand that life can be challenging at times, and it’s okay to need support. Our counselling services offer a safe, welcoming environment where you can explore your emotions and experiences with a compassionate, non-judgmental professional. Our goal is to empower you to make positive changes and improve your well-being.

We’re here to listen, support, and guide you every step of the way.


Convenient and highly flexible scheduling with our team of brain and mental health experts


Consult with experienced clinicians with at least 10 years of experience.


Benefit from unique packages that are customised and sustainable for the long term.

Services We Offer for Working Adults

Our clinic offers flexible scheduling, private sessions, and evidence-based therapies tailored to the unique needs of individual working adults.

    Mental Health Support & Therapy

    This session is suitable for employees in a corporate setting to promote mental well-being and productivity. The goal of this therapy is to equip employees with the necessary tools and resources to manage stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues, while also fostering a supportive and inclusive workplace culture that encourages open communication and reduces stigma. Common types of therapy include cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based stress reduction, and solution-focused brief therapy, while employee assistance programs provide confidential counseling and support services 24/7. Mental health therapy for corporates is vital for promoting employee well-being, improving productivity, and creating a positive work environment.

    Workplace, Interpersonal Relationship & Personal Fulfilment Counselling

    This type of session focuses on improving communication and relationships in the workplace, developing personal fulfillment and addressing related concerns.

    Brain Health and Wellbeing Coaching

    This type of coaching focuses on optimizing brain function and promoting overall mental and emotional well-being. It involves working with a coach to develop strategies and habits that can improve cognitive function, reduce stress, enhance mood, and support overall brain health. The coaching may include lifestyle changes, such as exercise and nutrition, as well as cognitive and behavioral interventions aimed at improving mental performance and emotional resilience. The goal of brain health and wellbeing coaching is to help individuals achieve their full potential by optimizing their brain function and supporting their overall well-being.

    Featured Solutions: 30-Day Personal Development Plan, Long Term Brain Health Plans

    Brain Function, Cognition & Memory Assessments

    This type of evaluation measures various aspects of cognitive function and memory performance. These assessments typically involve a battery of tests that are designed to evaluate different cognitive functions such as attention, memory, executive function, language, and visual-spatial skills. The results of these assessments can provide insights into an individual’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses, which can be useful in identifying areas where improvement is needed. The assessments may be used in clinical settings to help diagnose cognitive impairments or in research settings to study cognitive performance in different populations. The assessments may also be used in conjunction with interventions, such as cognitive training or medication, to monitor progress and treatment efficacy.

    Featured Tools Used: Digital Brain Function Screen, Attayn Assessment

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    Bulk or corporate packages and solutions are available upon request.

    Meet Dr. Chad Yip, PhD

    Dr. Chad Yip is a clinical psychologist who provides psychological assessment and treatment for children, adolescents and adults. He received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Otago in Psychology & Philosophy, and he went on to get his Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology and his Master of Psychology (Clinical) from James Cook University. He eventually completed his Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology from the University of Southern Queensland. Chad is registered with the Singapore Psychological Society as a psychologist and approved clinical supervisor. He is also a full member of the Australian Psychological Society.

    He holds concurrent appointments across various sectors namely neuroscience technology and research, telehealth services, and education:

    • Head of Psychology, Neurowyzr
    • Clinical Psychologist, Noah & Zoey
    • Adjunct Lecturer and clinical supervisor, James Cook University

    As a person, Dr Chad Yip has a soothing and reassuring presence. He exudes calmness and speaks with care to those around him. He loves being close to nature, trying new experiences on his travels and a good cup of coffee.

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