Neurowyzr is the only neuroscience partner you need

for the mental and emotional resilience of your people, better financial performance and organisational wellbeing



Build organisational brain capital

Build organisational brain capital with leading neuroscience solutions designed to improve cognitive and mental wellbeing. From hiring, to employee productivity and performance, to employee education and assistance – Neurowyzr is the only neuroscience partner you need.

Increase employee productivity
Improve organisation health
Reduce presenteeism and absenteeism
Build corporate resilience

Healthcare Providers

Cutting-edge digital assessments

Use cutting-edge digital assessments to build specialty services to improve brain health, and address unmet brain care needs of the population.

Introduce new brain health services
Measure and improve clinical outcomes
Increase clinician productivity
Healthcare Providers


Serve policyholders with better coverage

Serve policyholders with increased coverage and more services, to better protect their health needs.

Introduce new insurance products
Increase policyholder satisfaction
Provide better protection

Pharmaceutical Companies

Optimise your clinical trials

Optimise clinical trials and reduce risk with more accurate trial results.

Accurately measure trial outcomes
Speed drug development
Deliver value-add services to patients