Neurowyzr raises additional US$2.1M in Seed Funding co-led by Jungle Ventures and Peak XV’s Surge 

SINGAPORE, August 24, 2023Neurowyzr, a pioneering healthtech company specialising in enhancing brain health and developing state-of-the-art technologies to mitigate early brain decline, has raised an additional US$2.1M in an oversubscribed seed round. 


The round, jointly led by Jungle Ventures and Peak XV’s Surge (formerly Sequoia India and Southeast Asia), with participation from various angel investors*, brings the total amount raised by the company to US$3.3M. The latest round of capital will be used to accelerate the company’s product development and embark on its next phase of regional expansion across Southeast Asia and India. 

Neurowyzr is developing solutions to address existing gaps in neurology and brain health, at a time when dementia and mental health conditions are rising at an alarming rate. It is projected that by 2050, 152 million people globally will suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease – a more than 2X increase from 2019. One in four is at risk of having a stroke in their lifetime, and one in eight  lives with a mental health disorder. 

In line with the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) call for further research into clinical tools for measuring brain health, Neurowyzr has a unique focus on early brain decline when detection and intervention will have an impact in preventing deterioration. Its first product is an online gamified digital neuroscience assessment called the Digital Brain Function Screen (DBFS), which significantly reduces the time and dollar burden of traditional cognitive testing. 

Since launch, the Neurowyzr team has worked to enable greater patient access to DBFS across key markets. In Singapore, it can be found in a growing number of health screening centres, GP clinics, community care, and specialist centres, including Parkway Shenton, SATA Commhealth, Farrer Park Hospital, MHC Medical Centre (Amara), and O’Joy. The healthcare providers use DBFS in executive health screening, health screening for active agers, Long Covid assessment packages as well as a standalone service. One of India’s largest private hospital chains recently completed a pilot of the DBFS across five locations in India. DBFS has also been registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

“Brain decline is a potentially debilitating condition that strikes fear in many people, and brings immense cost on families and societies. Neurowyzr aims to address the unmet needs of people to protect their brain health. We are grateful for the trust that our investors have shown in us, and are excited that the partnership will enable us to make brain health accessible and affordable,” said Pang Sze Yunn, Co-Founder and CEO of Neurowyzr. 


“Projected numbers tell a stark story for Asia: over the next two decades, more than 66 million individuals could face dementia, while Mild Cognitive Impairment could affect over 400 million.” said Seemant Jauhari, Partner, Healthcare at Jungle Ventures. “Neurowyzr is a direct response to this challenge. By assessing brain and mental health promptly, we’re building a proactive defence against a potential epidemic. This Singapore-born solution carries a global impact.”

Neurowyzr was established by Nav Vij and Pang Sze Yunn in 2019. Its scientific advisory team includes Dr Prem Pillay, Director of the Singapore Brain Nerve Spine Centre, and Professor N Kandiah, Director of the Dementia Research Center, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Most recently, the company was selected for the MedTech Innovator Asia Pacific 2023 cohort, the world’s largest industry accelerator.


*Angel investors include Khoo Boon Hui, Chairman of SDAX; Ab Gaur, Founder and CEO of MarTech firm Verticurl; and Rob F Jablonski, Commercial Investment Director at Aquivia Pty Ltd. 

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About Neurowyzr

Neurowyzr is a Deep Neuroscience and Brain Capital company using the latest discoveries in neuroscience to optimise corporate and population brain health and performance. Built by neuroscientists and powered by advanced analytics and AI, Neurowyzr offers a digital platform and software as a service to unlock the potential of individuals and organisations. Neurowyzr has supported leading organisations in Asia in growing their brain capital to build stronger, more resilient and innovative teams. 

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Neurowyzr and Allium Healthcare Announce a first-of-its-kind Partnership for Brain Health for Active Agers

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  • Active Agers in Singapore to access innovative and cost-effective brain health assessments and therapy

SINGAPORE, Sept. 28, 2022 (Via GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Neurowyzr, the Singapore Deep Neuroscience and Brain Capital company with a vision to optimize population and corporate brain health and performance using neuroscience-based digital solutions, announces a partnership with Allium Healthcare to jointly develop brain health programs to help Active Agers screen, monitor, prevent and improve brain health.

Allium will be the first Intermediate and Long-Term care (ILTC) provider in Asia-Pacific to provide Active Ageing programs focused on the brain, using Neurowyzr’s Digital Brain Function Screen and future brain health solutions. For a start, Allium will provide Neurowyzr’s Digital Brain Function Screen that enables early detection of cognitive decline to its residents, day care participants, and members of the community. The digital and gamified solution only takes 14-16 mins to complete and can be completed on a phone or browser. Users will receive a report upon completion that Allium healthcare staff will discuss with their patient in-depth.

Neuroscience studies show that from the age of 30, nearly 10% of people already begin to experience a brain health problem called Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI). The proportion increases to 25% among people aged 50, and 40% at 60 years1. As such, the World Health Organisation and leading clinical neuroscientists have recommended brain cognitive screening for all adults as part of routine healthcare screening. Early recognition can prevent and reduce the disability of brain health problems that are associated with cognitive decline, stroke, Long Covid brain damage, Parkinson’s disease and dementia. This has the potential to enable prevention, early recognition and treatment of brain health problems that affect millions of people in the Asia Pacific.

Allium will work with Neurowyzr to design therapy options for those detected to have conditions such as Mild Cognitive Decline. Studies such as the Finnish Geriatric Intervention Study to Prevent Cognitive Impairment and Disability (FINGER) have shown that therapy for those at risk of cognitive decline is useful in rolling back the condition. Therapy can include computerised cognitive training, diet, aerobic exercise, strength training, improved management of vascular and metabolic conditions. Allium plans to introduce such therapy packages to Singapore, and also study its effectiveness.

Neurowyzr will also work with Allium to roll out future digital neuroscience solutions such as Digital Brain Health Diagnostics and Digital Therapy.

Bernie Poh, CEO, Allium Healthcare commented, “Allium Healthcare works with leading and innovative teams to transform our vision for the finest of hospitality and healthcare into a reality. We are constantly innovating to expand our services to the community. With Singapore’s increasing focus on preventative care, we are excited to leverage new technologies to help Singaporeans on their healthy ageing journeys. This partnership with Neurowyzr increases Allium’s capability to focus on brain health.”

Pang Sze Yunn, CEO, Neurowyzr, commented, “Our partnership with Allium enables Neurowyzr to address the problem of the early cognitive decline among the population. Not only will the population be able to access affordable cognitive screening, there will be more opportunities for them to find therapy options to reverse the decline. We are excited to work with an innovative new partner that is committed to finding solutions to a major societal problem.”


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About Neurowyzr
Neurowyzr is a Deep Neuroscience and Brain Capital company using the latest discoveries in neuroscience to optimize corporate and population brain health and performance. Built by neuroscientists and powered by advanced analytics and AI, Neurowyzr offers a digital platform and software as a service to unlock the potential of individuals and organizations. Neurowyzr has supported leading organisations in Asia in growing their brain capital to build stronger, more resilient and innovative teams. To find out more about Neurowyzr, please visit or follow Neurowyzr on LinkedIn.

Adeline Thia

About Allium Healthcare
The Allium Healthcare model benefits from 20 years of experience as a private operator of nursing homes. In Australia, Allium Healthcare co-owns Opal HeaIthcare, one of the largest and leading specialist aged care provider with 8,000 beds in 84 facilities across four states. Allium Care Suites, Singapore’s first premium residential care home on Venus Drive, presents exclusively single and companion suites, bringing together the finest of hospitality and healthcare in skilled nursing, rehabilitative and respite care. Inspired by wellness, defined by personalised care, a team of nurses, allied health professionals and Care Concierges deliver rewarding ages care experiences across residential care, day care, home care and care support services. Discover more at


1 Eric Braverman, M.D., Cognitive Decline of Aging: Important Neuroendocrinological Predictors of Early Cognitive Decline in A Clinical Setting